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What is the Back Care Course?

The Back Care Course is designed for back pain sufferers and uses core stability exercise, spinal stretches, gym ball exercises, free weights, relaxation techniques and education to help ease back pain and improve function so that participants can return to the sports and activities they love.

Back pain course

Back Care Course in Southampton and Fawley

Who is the Back Care Course designed for?

Any adult who has suffered from back pain will benefit from the back care course.

Assessment for the Back Care Course

All participants in the back care course have a one hour assessment by one of our highly experienced physiotherapists. The aim of this assessment is to ensure the course is appropriate for you and you have no serious conditions affecting the spine. Your physiotherapist will also discuss with you any specific objectives you wish to achieve by doing the course.

Back Care Course aims

The aim of the back care course is to improve spinal flexibility, core stability, function and fitness. Participants will learn how to prevent recurrence of back pain, and how to deal with symptoms if they occur. Physiotherapy treatment might be recommended, in addition to attending the course, for some course participants.

Back Care Course structure

All course participants receive a one hour assessment by one of our experienced Chartered Physiotherapist. Your spine will be assessed and treatment options will be discussed. If appropriate you will be referred into the back care course.We run the sessions as two separate classes, an early and an advanced class, session 1-3 in the early class and session 4-5 in the advanced class. The sessions run  as a continuous loop so that you can join the class at any point and progress at your own pace.

What will you learn by doing the Back Care Course?

• Progressive core stability exercises
• Basic anatomy of the spine and common conditions that affect it
• Stretches to improve spinal flexibility
• Postural advice including how to lift and sit correctly
• Relaxation techniques
• Common myths about back pain

Participants will be encouraged to set exercise and activity goals for themselves. The course aims to teach participants how to manage their back pain. Group sessions are interactive, with participants encouraged to take an active part in both discussion and exercise.

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