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Top Tips on How to treat Frozen Shoulder.

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Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness of the shoulder. It is also known as adhesive capsulitis or shoulder contracture.

Frozen shoulder occurs when the flexible tissue that surrounds the shoulder joint, known as the capsule, becomes inflamed and thickened. It is not fully understood why this happens.

The symptoms tend to gradually get worse over a number of months or years. You will typically experience shoulder pain for the first two to nine months, which can be severe, followed by increasing stiffness.

Most people with frozen shoulder will eventually get better, even without treatment. However, appropriate treatment can help reduce pain and improve the movement in your shoulder until it heals. The type of treatment you receive will depend on how severe your frozen shoulder is and how far it has progressed. Painkillers, cortico-steroid injections, shoulder exercises and physiotherapy are all possible treatment options. The earlier a frozen shoulder is diagnosed, the more likely it is that treatment can help prevent long-term pain and stiffness.

There are three stages of a frozen shoulder “Freezing”, “Frozen” and “Thawing.” The first stage of a frozen shoulder is the most painful. Therefore, treatment is mainly focused on relieving the pain through pain killers and anti-inflammatory.

After the initial painful stage, stiffness is the main symptom of a frozen shoulder. Your GP may suggest stretching exercises, and it will also be beneficial to see a physiotherapist.

If you have a frozen shoulder, it’s important to keep your shoulder joint mobile with regular, gentle stretching exercises. Not using your shoulder could make the stiffness worse, so you should continue to use it as normal by stretching your arm forwards and out to the side.

Watch these video for more useful tips.
Click on the video for more exercises and tips on how to self treat a frozen shoulder.

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